An amazing race, and more…

The education factor in overseas travel for teenagers is already huge, but it is not always focused. Travel agents tend to think of one thing only when designing trips such as these – the travel stuff! Not us. We are no ordinary Travel Agents!

The instinct is to automatically include a visit to a museum, or to a popular tourist destination. We acknowledge the importance of museum visits, historical site visits, seeing beautiful landscapes…
But the standard ‘travel agent’ approach lacks in an experience that creates an engagement and social interaction with the different worlds. 

Our ’un-ordinary’ approach is quite simple really:

  1. We find the right route and create a good itinerary (just like any other travel agent would do), one that incorporates efficient modes of transport and eliminates time wasted in airports, stations and on buses.
  2. Then we dissect the itinerary into various elements, considering a few very important factors: what kind of education can this experience bring? ‘Overseas’ is not just historical or cultural – it is sport, it is tradition, it is geography, it is language, it is scientific, it is mathematical, it’s music – it is life.

And then…

We do what we do best – we turn it all into an adventure, a challenge, an experience…

  • Social Media
  • Challenges
  • Tasks
  • Teamwork
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Social interactions with new cultures
  • An education no classroom could ever provide