Whilst we have many existing tours across Europe, the US and Asia, we prefer to create a bespoke tour for your school. You know what you want to achieve. You know your kids better than we ever will.

No matter what the tour is, or where it is going, our method works every time!

  • Academic & Cultural Tour through Europe
  • A History Tour to Vietnam
  • A Geography Tour through the Alps
  • An Arts & Culture to New York and London

Tell us what you want to achieve, where you want to go and we will design a package that will provide the right outcome for you (on the right budget)

We will ensure that regardless of what the tour is, it will always include tasks & activities where the kids need to problem solve and think out of the box in a foreign environment. Social interactions where the kids are encouraged to communicate with other people in different languages. Cultural exchanges where the kids will do something amazing for a stranger. This way, when they return, they will have been given the opportunity to get in touch with their unexplored sense of maturity and responsibility.