To society, enticing young people to travel and see the world should be a priority. These are our future leaders, after all. Youth are resilient, resourceful, and looking to leave home in order to build relationships with others like them.

The traditional approach to travelling abroad is muddling along on bus tours, admiring the scenery, appreciating the architecture – a great experience if you are older. Youth, however, have a desire to interact with the culture and experience the social aspects of the new territory.

They thrive on experiencing and debating the social controls and problems within a society, having different politics and a different history. They look into the guts of an unfamiliar culture and acquire a true and rounded education by becoming fully informed through their social interactions. Our School Tours capture exactly that!

We have spent many hours consulting with educational psychologists, teachers and educational experts to gather insight into how we can get deep into the psyche of a teenager, and create tours that bring the right level of education into a life-changing adventure.

It’s all about Education in Travel – an amazing race, and more…